Herringbone Parquets

Herringbone parquets - French and classic fir, oak herringbone parquet
We offer materials that, due to their hardness and elasticity, are an excellent raw material for finishing floors in your home. Coated with varnish or oil, available in many decors (including French, classic and Hungarian herringbone parquet), they allow you to create beautiful wooden oak floors. They look great as a contrasting background for furniture in rooms decorated in various styles - from traditional to modern. Light and darker shades and expressive fibers of our products make it easier to choose them for a given interior.

A floor made of this natural material is always a good and universal solution for any room. We recommend them for both residential and commercial properties - e.g. offices, service premises, libraries and educational institutions. The parquet floors available are easy to install. They are characterized by long-term durability, which can be extended by regular maintenance. Due to their antistatic properties, they are also ideal for allergy sufferers.

Classic, French and Hungarian herringbone parquets are mainly dry cleaned by vacuuming, and larger dirt can be removed with a cloth that should be slightly moistened first. Thanks to this, maintaining them in the desired condition is easy and takes little time.

The most important advantages of oak herringbone parquet
The advantages of parquet flooring are largely determined by the material they are made of. Discover the most important benefits of using oak!

Durability of oak parquets
The classic, French and Hungarian oak herringbone parquet offered in our store, the price of which is extremely attractive, is not unreasonably considered a very noble board, especially in the bleached version. It is solid wood with excellent physical properties that successfully performs its functions for many years. This type of wooden floor in a French, classic or Hungarian herringbone pattern is also very resistant to external factors - it is very resistant to pressure, scratches, impacts and intensive use. We also recommend it because it is resistant to moisture, making it suitable for installation, for example, in the dining room.

Thermal and sound insulation
Regardless of whether it is the French, Hungarian or classic version, oak herringbone parquet provides very good thermal insulation. It effectively maintains heat in rooms and prevents the interior from cooling down, which is particularly important during the heating season. The high thermal insulation properties of our boards, also bleached, translate into savings on heating. At a time when energy prices are extremely high, this is a very desirable property and an undoubted advantage that convinces people to choose our products.

In turn, excellent sound insulation means that a classic herringbone wooden floor or any other floor effectively suppresses noise coming from outside, which is especially important in multi-family buildings. This allows you to reduce noise from both the street and your neighbors. So if you want a quiet and warm interior, our products available at attractive prices will meet your expectations!

The versatility of oak parquet
We recommend high-quality herringbone oak parquet in the French, Hungarian and classic versions also due to its universality. This is an exceptionally attractive board that can be ordered in many colors, e.g. whitened, tailored to individual needs and requirements. A properly selected wooden floor of this type is perfect for all types of rooms. Its versatility means that it can be successfully arranged in small, modern and minimalist interiors, as well as in large, classic living rooms and offices. When you take into account the unique, natural and unique grain, the choice of this material will be perfect.

Possibility of renovating oak parquet floors
Although every herringbone parquet made of oak, whether classic, French or Hungarian - bleached or not - is very durable, its durability can be increased by properly caring for the wooden boards. It is possible to effectively renovate the floor using the manual or machine method (sanding). Correctly performing this activity allows the surface to be restored to its original aesthetic and physical properties.

Importantly, sanding is carried out very rarely. Our products are so durable that it is enough to perform this operation once every few years to be able to enjoy the excellent visual and mechanical parameters of wooden floors in the form of parquet floors in the classic, French and Hungarian herringbone variants.

Healthy microclimate thanks to the floor finishing with oak parquet
Elements made of oak arranged on the floor in a classic, French or Hungarian herringbone pattern are a material that provides the interior