Floorboard Merbau

Floorboard Merbau
Floorboard Merbau
Exotic floors

The colors and mechanical properties of Indonesian Merbau wood especially predispose them to the production of exclusive floors and parquet floors in representative rooms in public buildings and private homes. Deep brown wood color lightened with golden spots emphasizes the dignity of the place and perfectly harmonizes with modern equipment. The floor has a long aesthetic value, because Merbau wood has a unique dimensional stability and is hard, and therefore very resistant to abrasion and dents.

Available sizes:

Thickness - 15 mm
Width - 90/120/140 mm
Length - 300 - 1500 mm


- Collection - exotic floors
- Wood species - merbau
- Available wood classes - natur / select
- Type - solid wood floor board
- Finish - raw / varnish
- Available structures - smooth
- Chamfered edges - yes / no
- Mounting method - glued to the ground
- Suitable for floor heating - no