Oak floors, wooden parquet

Do you dream about a bleached floor? Would you like to feel at home like in an exotic corner of the world? Or maybe you value the classics and, above all, translate the oak floors? At Prodexpol we have prepared a unique offer for you. Over 300 designs and types of wooden parquet and floor boards that you can see on our website or in our company showroom in Warsaw. All our floors are characterized by the highest quality, modern design and competitive prices. As an experienced manufacturer of wooden floors, we are able to offer the highest standard of flooring materials at prices that are not available from the competition.

Exotic floors

For 90 years we have been assuming that an elegant, well-chosen floor is a showcase of any room. That is why we offer our clients a wide range of products, among which you will find: bleached floors, wooden floors, floor boards, wooden parquet and exotic floors. In our rich collection of floorboards and elegant wooden parquets, everyone will find something for themselves. The elegance of oak floors will provide ideal proposals for classic interiors, and an exotic floor will be perfect where originality and modernity matter.

Wooden floors

Prodexpol is a renowned producer of wooden floors with many years of experience in the industry. The wooden floors produced by the company are sold in a company's showroom in Warsaw and online via an online store. The wooden floor from the Prodexpol store is a guarantee of high quality, competitive price and a standard that would not be ashamed of any of the recognized producers of floorboards and parquet. Prodexpol flooring works well in any interior, regardless of the style and type of arrangement and the way the room is installed. The company's showroom in Warsaw offers more than 300 types of floors, parquet floors and floor boards made by Prodexpol.

Floor panes

High-quality oak floor boards are perfect when it comes to classic solutions for flooring in the home or apartment. A wide assortment of oak floor boards, available in the offer of the Prodexpol company store, allows you to create unusual, elegant and modern arrangements. Visit the Prodexpol showroom in Warsaw. Check prices and types of floors and choose the perfect floor for yourself. Low price and high quality are among the many advantages that floors produced by Prodexpol from Warsaw can boast. Check the offer in person or online using the website.

Oak floors

If you want to have beautiful and durable oak floors in your home, choose a reliable manufacturer who has been supplying customers with the highest quality floor boards and parquet for years. Prodexpol is one of the leaders in the Polish floor market, providing floors that are solid, elegant and easy to assemble. Oak flooring is a guarantee of unchanged quality and elegance even with very long and intensive use. Perfect for home, office and store. Visit the company's showroom in Warsaw or select the floor online. Experienced advisers will certainly help you choose the perfect floor for yourself. The floors produced by Prodexpol are a guarantee of professionalism and a synonym of the highest quality.

Exotic floors - Warsaw

In the interest of providing our clients with an optimal offer, Prodexpol has more than 300 types of floors, floor boards and wooden parquet in its collection. Exotic floors have been especially popular in recent years - they bring a unique atmosphere to each home and create a unique atmosphere. If in your home you also want to enjoy a beautiful and modern, and at the same time extremely solid exotic floor, take advantage of the offer of the Warsaw company Prodexpol. In the company's salon, you will find several hundred floor models, ranging from wooden parquets, through high-class oak floors, to floor boards.

Wooden parquet

If you want to create an unforgettable interior, use the services of Prodexpol - a producer of floors and parquets. Thanks to a wide range of products, including wooden parquets and floor boards, you will create unique floors that all your guests will be envious of. Wooden parquet is extremely solid and durable, beautifully presented and easy to keep clean. Prodexpol parquet floors, available in the company's showroom in Warsaw or online, are a guarantee of modern design and the highest quality. Check the company's offer and choose the floor for yourself. Prodexpol consists of more than 300 floor models composed in such a way that everyone can find the perfect floor for their needs.